Famous Drum Solos To Watch!

Throughout the years, many professional drummers have performed drum solo that have gone down in the history books. These solos have become so popular that even non drummers have heard of them. As drummers, it is our job to watch as many of these as we can. Not only will it give us inspiration, but it will teach us some important skills on the drums I mean they are popular for a reason right? So which famous solos out there are worth watching?

The answer to this question is simple, you should watch as many as you can! The more you embrace yourself in these drum solos, the better a drummer you will be. Now saying you should watch all of them is tough to do, so let me show you a few of the best professional drum solos ever recorded. You can find these drum solos many places online. Simply head over to google and type in drum videos, or drum solos. Or you can always head over to Youtube and search for them there.

The first video I would suggest is a classic, filmed back in the black and white days. This drum battle is performed by Buddy Rich and Gene Krupa. The drum battle between Rich and Krupa is a very important video to watch. Not only does it show you how much creativity you can have with a small drum kit, but it also shows you proper drum etiquette when in a friendly battle.

For you rock fans, any famous drum solo from Neil Peart is worth watching. Neil Peart has a way of playing solos that has been imitated by thousands of drummers. His ability to keep the listener intrigued throughout a full half hour solo is amazing. Besides that, you will see the possibilities of playing on a drum set that is so big it surrounds every part of you. Travis Barker’s drum solo filmed on a tour he did has become more and more popular as f recently. Travis Barker is not a huge soloist, however his skills with his rudiments have made his recent solo a must see for any aspiring drummer these days.

These are just a few drum solos to look out for; the list definitely does not stop there. Famous drummers such as Dave Weckl, Steve Smith, Thomas Lang, and Steve Gadd are just a few drummers that have created solos that every one has either heard of or seen. Terry Bozzio is famous for a drum solo including enough cymbals to cover a small city! Thomas Lang has a drum solo done completely on an Acrylic (transparent) drum set. That is an amazing solo that you should definitely check out.

So the next time you are browsing the internet, take a few minutes to check out some of the most famous drum solos ever created.

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